Salt Water Taffy – Blue


Are you looking for a terrific blue colored taffy for baby gifts, or wedding buffets? If so, you’ll love both the flavor and color of Sweet’s Blue Raspberry Taffy. .

Sweet’s Taffy is famous for its salt water taffy because it is soft, non-sticky and full of flavor. Sweet’s Taffy comes in a number of colors and flavors to choose from, giving you an assortment of ways to use and enjoy the candy.

This taffy is perfect for your individual enjoyment. But it is also a great candy to share and gift, due to the fact it is individually wrapped. The taffy works well in candy dishes, gift bags, baskets, apothecary jars for Wedding Buffets, and so on.

Flavor: Blue Raspberry

Net weight: 3 lb. bag (approx. 210 pieces)

*individually wrapped

Company: Sweets

Product of USA

Certified Kosher – Parve